Voting's for lame-o's

Thank God the election is now but a soon-to-be-forgotten memory. I was going to write something about it last week, but I've been so busy.

Everybody's talking about this dumb election like it was this huge deal, like, "Ooooh, you gotta vote - it's a democracy." Nice try, pal. I'm not going to buy into your stupid, fascist cult. I'm not going to vote; you know, really send a message to those assholes in Congress. They're all a bunch of liars and cheats anyway. I think my karma increases the less I deal with them.

My roommate was really into the election, and I almost voted just to appease him. But, gad, there's a bunch of waiting in line, and I don't think they'd let me vote anyway for some bullshit reason. For instance; if I registered here, then I'd lose my car insurance. I think. Plus, my friend got called up for jury duty once. He got out of it somehow, but I'm sure as hell not going to deal with that. And I heard those election judges are really mean to college students, and all the old people try to drum up conversation. Fuck all that.

Even if I want to deal with all that shit, I'm not really informed enough to vote. I don't really keep up on the political 'scene.' Better to leave decisions like this to people who know what they're doing. (If I voted, it would just be for the Democrats anyway, and they lost. How embarrassing would that have been?)

And then there are those obnoxious ads. Sure, I don't watch a lot of TV at college, but they're still hard to miss, and they're so hokey. Even if their policies sound good, they're still a bunch of corny losers or uptight radicals. I don't even buy Taco Bell in case someone mentions Carne Asada Bravado.

It's not like voting is going to make a difference, anyway. I don't get this paranoia like; all of a sudden, women won't be able to get abortions, or poor people will get thrown out on the street, or nonviolent offenders will get locked up for life, or the music we like will get banned, or we'll get sent to war, or whatever doomsday scenario people cook up that has absolutely nothing to do with me voting.

For Christ's sake, we just had an election two years ago. I've got things to do, people! I can't just drop everything all the time.

The whole thing really stresses me out. I'm so glad it's in the past, and I don't have to think about it for a while. Maybe my roommate will finally stop asking me to sign petitions or write my congressman, or whatever. One thing to be grateful for: those MPIRG/CSA freaks won't pester us about voting again for a while.