Meet the Editors

Between our usual technical difficulties, the fact that Chuk keeps falling asleep and the Ruth-and-Mark debacle, this paper has come perilously close, once again, to not coming out on time. Being the prolific editors and guiding lights that we are, we managed to get it done. Still, after Chuk's screaming match with his roommate (wherein he repeatedly yelled "You're not my boy, bitch! You're not my fucking boy!"), we realized that very few of you are "our boys." Why? Because you don't know who we are. So here's our primer on your faithful editorial staff. By the way, we need some damn lackeys.

Chuk Kittredge, Editor-in-Chief

Lucky for America that Chuk Kittredge was a better brewer of dissent than of beer. His father's brewery business languished, but Chuk thought it was more important to ferment revolution, not yeast, in a young country increasingly beset by the tyrannies of England. A skilled propagandist and writer, Kittredge was a militant champion of democracy. Chuk was rumpled and unpretentious. Today, the amber lager named after Chuk Kittredge continues to lead its own revolution: the exploding demand for great, fresh, full-bodied American beer.

Name: Nico Vreeland

  • Rank: Managing Editor
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Fighting Style: Advanced Bear
  • Origin: Ever since his son Kazuya Mishima took over the Mishima conglomerate, Nico has been training to regain what was once his. After he defeats his son and watches the death of Kazuya, Nico will gain back the Mishima Financial Empire.
  • Creed: "You will be thankful for your death."

Drew Haxby, Submissions Editor

Drew is universally recognized as the most complex, enigmatic, and tragically appealing crime fighter in the superhero pantheon. His first run-in with vigilantism came when he beat down a pimp who was physically threatening one of his (apparently) pre-teen prostitutes. Dressed as a scatter-brained war vet, Haxby nearly got killed in the attempt, and the rest is history. Drew Haxby: The Complete Biography offers the first definitive account of the Cloaked Crusader's illustrious career.

Gayathri Marasinghe, Artistic Director

Scientific Name: Anisomorpha buprestoides
Facts: Gayathri is well known for her slow-moving behavior and camouflage. Her long body, legs, antennae and color make her appear to be a stick. She feeds on plants and sometimes defoliates trees. The longest insect in the United States is Gayathri, who reaches a length of about 7 inches.
Photo Credit: Mike Merchant, Extension

Kate Fischer, Layout Manager

Kate offers a valuable blend of the old and new. She returns to a classic but neglected synthesis of literature, intellectual and social history and literary criticism to discuss the currently unfashionable notion of American culture in its entirety. She readily notes the influence on the modern novel of sociology, linguistics and anthropology. She makes little mention, however, of the more immediate tradition of figures in American literary scholarship and American studies.