Our own crackpot theory

Here's what they don't want you to know: the classic arcade game Pac-Man is actually a subtle but poignant criticism of Democratic Party politics. Pac-Man, as we have discovered after tireless research, originally came out in 1980 at the same time as the Democratic Party, pandering to too many Political Action Comittees (PAC), became incapable of winning nationwide office.

The yellow guy, PAC-Man, is the Democratic Party, endlessly running around after little white dots (PAC interests) and trying desperately to dodge four old ghosts (the Republicans). Occasionally, PAC-Man gets a large blinking white dot (conviction) and gains the ability to chase and even defeat the Republicans. But this is always short-lived, the Republicans always come back and PAC-Man is quickly on the run again.

There is no respite for PAC-Man, he must continually run to and fro, in a Sisyphean effort to gather all the white dots from all the corners of the screen (country). If by a stroke of luck or skill he gets them all, he's immediately thrown into the next level, to do it all over again. Eventually the Republican ghosts catch up to PAC-Man and defeat him by a simple majority. He never wins.

The only question that remains is: were the Democrats using the game to sub-consciously brainwash the youth of America in order to teach them the lessons of history and inspire them to reform the system when they take the reins of power? Or, were the Republicans using the game to subconsciously brainwash the youth of America into believing the Democratic Party is useless, eventually breeding a generation of disenfranchised slackers and young Republicans?

The time is nigh when the brainwashees will begin taking over, and only then will we know for sure.