Carleton's first All-Kate-and-Andrew Rally a success

Hundreds of Kates and Andrews showed up for Carleton's first ever All-Kate-and-Andrew Rally Thursday. Swept up in political fervor, Andrew Kroner '04 and Kate Shepfer '05 hurriedly put the call out to Carleton's Kate and Andrew population late Wednesday night.

Their mass email, which was sent to the already established Kate-and-Andrew list, stated, in part, "It is time for the Kates and Andrews of Carleton to emerge. For years we have held our underground meetings, debated our agendas and argued whether the time was right. We're telling you: the time is now."

The Carleton Andrew-Kate Association (CAKA), until yesterday a secret society known only to Carleton's Kates and Andrews, did emerge Thursday, and in force, drawing nearly 200 full members (those who go by 'Kate' or 'Andrew') and more than 100 junior members (those who go by bastardizations such as 'Katherine' or 'Andy'). Over 300 strong, Kates and Andrews represent a significant minority of Carleton students, one which is no longer hiding its face, or name. CAKA is also chapter 413 of the Andrew Kate Alliance (AKA).

Kroner gave the keynote speech at yesterday's rally, in which he said, in part: "Kates and Andrews have been treated unfairly for too long. We are not responsible for our parents' lack of creativity. Non-Kates-and-Andrews, you depend on us. We serve your food and deliver your mail; we buy your beer and throw your parties. We guard you while you sleep. It's time for you to take notice."

Kroner (Andrew-735446) also declared that Carleton Kates and Andrews will begin using the AKA numbering system whereby Kates and Andrews can more easily be identified to outsiders and each other. All Carleton Kates and Andrews already have AKA numbers.

Kate-849261 (Shepfer) said, "Now is the dawn of the age of Kates and Andrews. We will move into the future united, under the aegis and wisdom of [AKA leader] Andrew-Prime. Equality will be ours."